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ErgoMixer is the first non-custodial, programmable, non-interactive mixer in the space (and the only token mixer to our knowledge).

Download the latest release here

ErgoMixer utilises Ergo's Sigma protocols to enable efficient, trustless mixing of funds, enabling a high degree of privacy and security.


  • Token mixing
  • Covert Addresses
  • Stealth Addresses
  • Token Mixing
  • SigmaUSD minting
  • Tor support


Video Tutorials


Covert Addresses#

You can configure a covert address in ErgoMixer; this is handy for displaying an address publicly to receive funds. You can set this address to automatically mix and withdraw your erg (or sigUSD if you prefer).

Stealth Addresses#

A tool to hide recipient privacy.

Our latest ERGOHACK saw not one but two separate teams working on the stealth address concept introduced in this forum post

@aragogi - Stealth Scanner project + customized version of mixer in this repo

@_jd_ - adds addSignWithDhtData so user can sign a transaction w/ single dht tuple

Tor support#

Since ErgoMixer v3.0.0, there is Tor support available.