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Blitz TCG#

Blitz TCG is an innovative gaming project being developed on Ergo. It aims to revolutionize traditional TCG gameplay by introducing unique features such as access to the entire deck for players, a chess-like time bank system, and the inclusion of NPC alternatives on the game board. The team is committed to transparency and regularly shares development updates on Twitter.

Blitz TCG is a self-funded project that prioritizes gameplay over profits. It aims to provide a play and earn model, as opposed to a play to earn model. The game is being developed for both the Ergo and Cardano platforms.

Recent Developments

Blitz TCG is set for a full launch in Q1 2024. Stay updated with the latest news on their Twitter.

Game Mechanics#

Blitz TCG is designed with competitive players in mind. It aims to provide a consistent gaming experience where players can predict the outcome of their strategies based on the probability of drawing specific cards within a given number of turns. The game seeks to minimize the role of luck and emphasize skill and strategy by limiting the use of RNG (Random Number Generation).

Additional Resources#

For more information about Blitz TCG, please refer to the following resources: