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Ergo Tokens#

Ergo tokens are versatile and can represent a wide range of assets, including but not limited to shares, complementary currency units, and other tangible or intangible items. The infrastructure of Ergo ensures a smooth representation and transfer of these diverse assets, integrating them into the blockchain as first-class citizens.

It's important to note that ERG, the native token of Ergo, has two unique characteristics:

  • ERGs are non-destructible; the total input and output amounts in any transaction must be equal.
  • Storage rent can only be paid in ERGs.

Tokens in Ergo are stored in the R2 register of a box. Each box holds pairs of tokenId and amount.

A single box can hold up to 255 secondary tokens.

There are also some indirect constraints to consider: - The size of a box cannot exceed 4 kilobytes. - The presence of tokens increases the computational cost of the transaction.