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Mining Pools#

Mining pools are groups of miners who combine their computational resources to increase their chances of finding a block. The reward is then split among the pool members, proportional to the amount of work they contributed.

A comprehensive list of Ergo mining pools is available on Mining Pool Stats.

To help maintain Ergo's decentralization, consider joining a smaller pool instead of the largest 2-3 pools.

Earnings and Pool Size#

While larger pools win blocks more frequently and can provide more consistent payouts, your long-term earnings should be roughly the same regardless of the pool size. In smaller pools, you might not receive a payout until the pool wins a block.

Dual Mining#

Dual mining allows you to mine Ergo alongside other coins such as KAS and ALPH. Mining Pool Stats provides details on pools currently offering this feature natively.

Solo Pools#

For miners who prefer to work independently, several solo pools are available. You can find a list of these on Mining Pool Stats.


SmartPools are a decentralized alternative to traditional mining pools. They replace centralized mining pools with autonomous on-chain smart contracts. Keep an eye on Lithos Protocol for the next generation of these.


  • Nice Hash is a popular platform for cryptocurrency mining and trading that supports Ergo. They hosted a live event with Ergo, which you can watch here.