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The Ergo Reference Client (Node)#

The Ergo Node, a key part of Ergo's P2P network, hosts and syncs the entire blockchain. This page outlines Ergo Node's installation options and developer resources.


If you're simply looking for a secure place to store your ERG, see the wallets page. Satergo even offers the option to install a full node alongside their wallet.

Installing the Ergo Reference Client
Minimum Requirements & Pre-requisites


An Ergo node requires a JDK/JRE version >= 9 installed on your system. We recommend using Oracle Java SE or SDKMAN for Unix-based systems:

curl -s "" | bash
sdk install java


The only hardware requirements are ~20GB of storage for the blockchain and ~8GB of RAM for handling the sync. Due to the intensive disk I/O, we recommend having 4-6GB of RAM with a fast SSD, running with the -Xmx4G flag on JVM9/11.

Modes of operation

Ergo node offers various security models for user flexibility. For quick sync and full node security, consider setting up a Pruned Full Node.

Full Archival Node

To install the Ergo Node from scratch, you can refer to the manual install page for detailed instructions.

Pruned Full Node

Bootstrap a pruned full node using a verified UTXO set snapshot and NiPoPoWS. This feature allows you to achieve full node security on a standard laptop within minutes, eliminating the need to check approximately 95% of the blockchain.

Light Full Node

This mode only holds the root digest of the dictionary and checks full blocks or a suffix of the blockchain, depending on the setting.

Per device

Sync the entire Ergo blockchain on your mobile device!

Raspberri Pi

Run a node on a Raspberry Pi!

Developer Resources
Get setup on Testnet

Alternatively, if you want to get started on the testnet, there is a dedicated testnet setup guide available.

Use Docker

For more convenience, Docker provides a streamlined way to install and run the Ergo Node. Refer to the Docker guide for instructions on setting up the node using Docker.

  • Explorer & Node Bundles: Access pre-packaged bundles that include an Ergo Node and an explorer for easy setup.
  • Ergosphere: Ergosphere is an Umbrel-like solution that simplifies the setup of self-hosted Ergo services. Please note that it is currently in the BETA stage.
  • Ergode (ergo-node) is an Ergo node implementation in TypeScript, targeting web and native runtimes.
  • To get an overview of live nodes on the Ergo network, you can visit
  • Frequently Asked Questions: Find answers to common questions about the Ergo Node.
  • Modes of Operation: Learn about the different modes of operation available for the Ergo Node.
  • APIs: Explore the APIs provided by the Ergo Node for interacting with the blockchain.