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Burning a token


There are sometimes occasions where you want to delete a token out of your wallet. Common reasons include:

  • Your address was airdropped a token you no longer want
  • You created an NFT but something about it is not right. So, you want to delete one you created to remint it
  • A project sent reserve, voting or other tokens that you no longer need

To delete tokens from your Ergo wallet, you have a few options.

  • TokenJay (This requires a Ergopay compatible wallet like Ergo Mobile Wallet)
  • Ergo Token Minter / Burner (Possible with a Ergo wallet extension, such as Nautilus)
  • SAFEW supports token burning.
  • Send to 4MQyMKvMbnCJG3aJ


4MQyMKvMbnCJG3aJ is a P2S (Pay-to-Script) representation of “false” condition, i.e. the box is unspendable. Hash is written into R4 register of the box, in the explorer

It looks like 0e2047ee2cbd52be01e0876c3e0b989a0d4d5f8955200b1fab0e6eeb2b182555c2fb, where 0e is type descriptor (byte array), 20 is bytestring length (0x20 in hex = 32), 47ee2cbd52be01e0876c3e0b989a0d4d5f8955200b1fab0e6eeb2b182555c2fb is the hash of the file.


Just spend an UTXO with tokens you want to burn and do not include them into output. (for custom tokens sum in outputs can be less than sum in inputs, for ERG, strict equality is required).


  • Transaction builder has a burntoken method.

Ergo Token Minter#

The burn token feature ThierryM1212 implemented are visible here, the important steps are:

  1. Select the input boxes for the amount of tokens to burn and a small amount of ERG
  2. Create the output boxes without considering the tokens, the transaction builder will create an additional output change box including all the tokens
  3. Get the transaction json
  4. Re-write the output change box in order to remove the tokens you want to burn
  5. Send the modified transaction (json)