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Blockchain assets can be extremely volatile. That’s why investors often seek digital assets which are pegged to national currencies. A Stablecoin is the most primitive integration of cryptocurrencies with the off-chain world. Until DAI, fiat custody services were provided by centralized services. The first example of a stable coin, USDT, is backed by actual dollars held in banks. However, for a decentralized financial system, we need other means of fiat-pegged currencies. 

SigmaUSD#, The worlds first UTxO-based stable coin - an instantiation of the AgeUSD protocol. Its economic model designed in partnership between IOHK, Ergo, and Emurgo maintains the conservative settings for collateral reserves and avoids the need for liquidations. Along with that, it supports a fully decentralised stablecoin emission setup.

The UI for the front-end is available at anon-real/sigma-usd. For more information and a more general overview please see


Dexy uses seigniorage