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Welcome to the Ergo Bounties page! This is your gateway to contributing to the Ergo community and being rewarded for your valuable efforts. We offer a variety of bounties across different programs, including educational and development initiatives, all aimed at fostering growth and innovation within the Ergo ecosystem.

How to Claim a Bounty#

Have you completed a task or achieved a goal that aligns with our bounties? If so, you are eligible to claim your reward. Here's how you can do it:

  1. Draft an email to [email protected] detailing your claim.
  2. Make sure to include all relevant details in your email, such as the platform where the bounty was announced or a reference to this page for the mentioned bounties.
  3. Attach evidence of your completed work. This could be documents, files, or links that showcase your contributions.
  4. Remember to include your Ergo address. This is where we will send your bounty reward.

To streamline the processing of your bounty claim, we encourage you to include the estimated time it took you to complete the task. This helps us understand the effort you've put in and allows us to expedite the review and reward allocation process.

Active Bounties#

Educational Reward Program#

The Educational Reward Program is designed to stimulate the creation of educational content that benefits the Ergo community. We believe in the power of knowledge-sharing and empowerment as key drivers of growth. If you have educational content, even if it's not explicitly mentioned here, it could still be eligible for a reward. We invite you to contribute any educational materials that can enrich learning experiences.

At present, we are actively rewarding contributions to Developer Tutorials and Guides. These rewards are open to contributors of all skill levels. If you have valuable insights or knowledge to share, you can submit your educational contributions directly to our documentation repository. Visit this link to make your valuable contributions.

Development Reward Program#

The Development Reward Program is our way of acknowledging and appreciating significant contributions to the Ergo repositories. If your contributions have significantly enhanced the development and improvement of the Ergo ecosystem, you could be eligible for a reward. You can find the details and guidelines for this program here.

We deeply appreciate the time, dedication, and expertise you invest in enhancing our ecosystem. By participating in our mission to improve educational materials and drive development within the Ergo community, you are playing a crucial role in the collective growth and success of the platform.