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Ergo has generic support for variety of cryptographic protocols (via composable sigma-protocols built into core).

Crypto Primitives#

  • Hash: Sha256, Blake2b256
  • Encoding: Base58
  • Signing Algorithm: ECDSA (secp256k1) & Schnorr
  • Primitive Secrets: Schnorr Signature & Diffie-Hellman tuple
  • Non-Interactive: The proof of sigma-statements are made non-interactive with the Fiat-Shamir transformation.
  • EIP-0003: Deterministic Wallet Standard

See this page for a description of the global Cryptographic functions available in ErgoScript.

Before Ergo#

  • Bitcoin: ECDSA signatures with Schnorr signature added recently
  • Bitcoin Forks Usually adding some cryptography to the protocol (e.g new instructions in ZCASH)
  • Ethereum / EVM chains: Instructions and precompiled contracts. Pairing operations to support

Use Cases#

Schnorr Signature#

In the simplest case a signature in Ergo transaction is a Schnorr signature, in general case it is a signature corresponding to a subset of Generalized Schnorr Proofs.

  • Ergo uses the same elliptic curve as Bitcoin (SecP256K1).
  • Ergo's Schnorr signature is pretty close to known standards (RFCs).
  • Allows us to adopt known protocols such as MuSig.
  • It's possible to create adaptor signatures which can be used for private swaps.
  • There were private swap demos with Bitcoin Cash
Bitcoin Ethereum Ergo
Potentially, a lot of protocols - The same as Bitcoin


  • Basic tool to restore fungibility of digital notes.
  • Basic scheme, ZeroJoin, is based on ring signatures and proof of knowledge for a Diffie-Hellman tuple
  • Paper with contracts
Bitcoin Ethereum Ergo
No onchain mixing Trusted setup-based or inefficient Efficient, minimal trust assumptions

Stealth Addresses#

A Stealth Address is a DHT contract that you can spend from without revealing your public key.

This allows a customer to derive a one-time payment address for a store, without revealing the payment to anyone but the store owner.

Bitcoin Ethereum Ergo
- - Efficient

See the Stealth Addresses page for more information.

Ring and Threshold Signatures#

  • Native support in Ergo, also, more complex schemes support (e.g ring AND threshold)
  • Implementations: node API, Zero-Knowledge Treasury on top of Ergo
Bitcoin Ethereum Ergo
- - Efficient

Checking A Signature#

You can do basic things in a contract like calculating the hash, but what if you want to check a signature for abitrary message in a contract. This can be done trivially in Ergo, an example is available in SuSy bridge implementation

Bitcoin Ethereum Ergo
- Efficient ECDSA Efficient Schnorr


Scrypto is an open source cryptographic toolkit designed to make it easier and safer for developers to use cryptography in their applications.