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Grand Gambit#

Grand Gambit, accessible at, is the pioneering casino on Ergo. It offers a variety of games that can be played using ERG and several other tokens. The platform is compatible with both desktop and mobile devices, although currently only Android is supported.

The code for Grand Gambit is open source and can be reviewed by anyone interested. It has undergone a security review by an Ergo Core Developer to ensure its robustness. However, users are advised to bet with caution.

Grand Gambit operates with a small fee structure. For games with a 1/2 winning chance, the fee is 1:1.95. For games with a 1/6 winning chance, the fee is 1:5.8. And for games with a 1/10 winning chance, the fee is 1:9.7. These fees are utilized to cover miner fees, hosting services costing $30 per month, and for further development of the platform.

In case of encountering any bugs, such as the animation not starting after signing the transaction or not stopping even after the transaction has been confirmed, users are encouraged to reach out via Telegram or Twitter. Please note that the iOS Terminus wallet is currently not supported.

It's important to note that Grand Gambit is not a decentralized application. The randomness in the games is not generated by the blockchain but by the server's public code. Users are free to analyze winnings and losses to verify the fairness of the results. For those interested, there is a decentralized coinflip on Ergo, but it can only be played once a day due to its true decentralization. This level of restriction is not desired for Grand Gambit, which aims to provide a more flexible gaming experience.