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Data Inputs

Data Inputs#

Data inputs are unique to Ergo and not yet present in other extended-UTXO systems. Multiple transactions can share a data-input box, which will store only a single reference to the box in the block.

We can also spend a data-input box in the same transaction as long as it existed before the transaction was applied. As an example, the box with the id.


It was used as both an input and a data input in this transaction.

While the use of data inputs may not be immediately apparent, they play a major role in making Ergo more friendly to DeFi applications where we want to refer to a box without needing (or have the ability) to spend it, such as in decentralized order-books (DEX).

For instance, the above transaction used a "timestamping service" to timestamp a box provided as data input.

A script in Ergo can refer to other boxes in the transaction. For instance, the code snippet INPUTS(0).value > 10000 && OUTPUTS(1).value > 20000 in any of the inputs boxes would enforce that the first input and the second output boxes must have a value greater than 10000 and 20000, respectively.

For a comparison between the logic used in eUTXO and account-based models, please see Off Chain Logic & eUTXO and a model transaction

Learn about data inputs and the truly novel innovations they bring to UTXO-based Blockchains by reading Emurgo's research here