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Status: Inactive

The original domain name is no longer active, which caused the site to go down. However, it has been restored at here This will allow users to withdraw their ERGs. While the game is not currently being updated or improved, it is still operational and available for enjoyment.

Blob's Topia is a game on Ergo blockchain in which you can own blob fighters smart contracts.

Those blob fighters are owning an amount of ERG and can bet an amount for a fight.


  • Once two blobs wait for the same bet, they can engage a fight.
  • The winner get all the bets, minus the miner fees and the Blobinator fee.
  • Both winner and loser get some Oatmeal Oatmeal tokens to be able to feed their blob.
  • By feeding a blob you can increase their Attack or Defense level to make them stronger and increase your winning ratio.
  • Both winner and loser get some Spicy Oatmeal Spicy Oatmeal tokens to try to attract a Blobinator.


  • A Blobinator is a kind of super blob fighter that can be invoked once enough fights occured.
  • Any blobs can fight against a Blobinator if the player has earn enough Spicy Oatmeal Spicy Oatmeal to attract the Blobinator.
  • The Blobinator fight is "free" for the player that just needs to pay 2 transactions fees to try to get the amount in the Blobinator.