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Blob's Topia is a game on Ergo blockchain in which you can own blob fighters smart contracts.

Those blob fighters are owning an amount of ERG and can bet an amount for a fight.


  • Once two blobs wait for the same bet, they can engage a fight.
  • The winner get all the bets, minus the miner fees and the Blobinator fee.
  • Both winner and loser get some Oatmeal Oatmeal tokens to be able to feed their blob.
  • By feeding a blob you can increase their Attack or Defense level to make them stronger and increase your winning ratio.
  • Both winner and loser get some Spicy Oatmeal Spicy Oatmeal tokens to try to attract a Blobinator.


  • A Blobinator is a kind of super blob fighter that can be invoked once enough fights occured.
  • Any blobs can fight against a Blobinator if the player has earn enough Spicy Oatmeal Spicy Oatmeal to attract the Blobinator.
  • The Blobinator fight is "free" for the player that just needs to pay 2 transactions fees to try to get the amount in the Blobinator.