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Modes of Operation#

The Ergo node supports multiple security models, providing flexibility for users to select the mode that best aligns with their requirements.

The available modes include:

  • Full 'Archive' Node Mode: This is the standard mode, akin to a full Bitcoin node. It stores all blocks from the genesis block onwards, checks the proofs of work, verifies the correctness of the linking structure, and maintains a copy of the entire UTXO set.

  • Pruned-Fullnode Mode: This mode downloads all headers, validates proofs-of-work, and links structures. It then downloads a UTXO snapshot from peers and the full blocks succeeding it.

  • Light-Fullnode Mode: This mode only holds the root digest of the dictionary and checks full blocks or a suffix of the blockchain, depending on the setting.

  • Light-SPV Mode: A lightweight mode that enables users to verify transactions with a small sample of block headers.