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Modes of Operation#

The Ergo node has supported multiple security models since the very first testing network (Testnet0)

In addition to running in the standard full node mode, like a full Bitcoin node, The Ergo reference implementation supports Light-SPV, Light-Fullnode, and Pruned-Fullnode modes which are described below.

Ergo has the following settings which determine a mode:

  • ADState: Boolean - keeps state roothash only.
  • VerifyTransactions: Boolean - download block transactions and verify them (requires BlocksToKeep == 0 if disabled).
  • PoPoWBootstrap: Boolean - download PoPoW proof only
  • BlocksToKeep: Int - number of last blocks to keep with transactions; for all other blocks, it keeps Header only. Keep all blocks from genesis if negative
  • MinimalSuffix: Int - minimal suffix size for PoPoW proof (maybe pre-defined constant).

if(VerifyTransactions == false) require(BlocksToKeep == 0) Mode from "" can be determined as follows: