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Ecosystem Standards#

Contributing to a project on Ergo?

This page serves as a guide for contributing as a project on Ergo. It outlines the standards for identity, development, and community administration. Adhering to these standards ensures a secure and efficient ecosystem.

V1 Identity#

# Description NIST ยง
1.1 Ensure all associated account passwords are at least 12 characters long (C6)
1.2 Ensure all accounts such as Telegram admins, GitHub, and any associated Email accounts use appropriate multi-factor authentication 6.1.1

V2 Development#

# Description CWE
2.1 Ensure server configuration is hardened according to the recommendations of the application server and frameworks in use 16
2.2 Ensure all components are up to date, preferably using a dependency checker during build or compile time (C2) 1026
2.3 Ensure no secrets are within source code, preferably using a secrets scanner in CI environments (C8) 798
2.4 Ensure analytics for third-party providers are configured
2.5 Ensure code is open-source and publicly audited by the community


# Description
2.2 Use Snyk or DependencyCheck
2.3 Use Semgrep with Secrets Policy
2.4 Ensure analytics are connected on sites like defillama

V3 Community Administration#

# Description
3.1 Ensure Telegram groups have anti-spam protection in place
3.2 Ensure Discord groups have anti-spam protection in place
3.3 Work towards reducing friction between chats
3.4 Strive to boost engagement
3.5 Make efforts to educate your community


# Description
3.1 Enable OrgRobot with custom questions
3.1 Consider using tgdev which has a few handy free bots like daysandbox_bot & grep_robot
3.2 The built-in spam protection should be sufficient if properly configured
3.3 Consider bridging your chats with the Ergo Discord
3.3 Get your Telegram added to @ErgoChats on Telegram
3.3 Create a PR to add yourself to this documentation
3.3 Get added on ergcube and sigmaverse
3.4 Participate in the weekly developer and marketing updates
3.4 Participate in
3.5 Teach good principles like KYA
3.5 Warn users of scams being executed on the platform, particularly in response to support requests