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‘Know Your Assumptions’ (KYA)#

Ergo operates on the KYA model. This aims to educate users on the assumptions they have when interacting with DeFi protocols which has been by the community. (Used when initialising a wallet in Nautilus for the first time, or on dApps like Spectrum or Duckpools)

Research Paper#

kushti has started work on a research paper, KYA - A Treatise On Assumptions in Cryptocurrencies and Defi, the introduction is given below.

This article is going to provide affirmative answers to few important questions which seem to be largely ignored in the cryptocurrency industry, despite the fact that the questions are very basic ones, and, in our opinion, existence of the industry is heavily relying on them.

Also, we systematize knowledge about assumptions cryptocurrency and DeFi protocols are based on. We suppose that understanding explicit or implicit assumptions protocols are based on is critical for understanding security and degree of decentralizion of protocols properly.