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Chat Bridge#

We welcome all ecosystem projects to establish a channel that is bridged between their server/telegram using matterbridge. You can see examples of this in action on the Ergo Discord.

Setting Up the Bridge#

To set up a bridge, follow these steps:

1. Use this invite link to invite @BridgeBot#9505 to your server.

If you prefer, you can set up your own bot. However, you will need to send the Token ID to @Glasgow if you want it bridged to existing Ergo chats. The bot only needs permission to see/read messages and set webhooks in the channel you want to bridge.

2. Invite ErgoBridgeBot to your Telegram.

If Shieldy is enabled, you'll need to use /allowInvitingBots.

3. Notify @Glasgow about the channel/server you want to bridge so it can be added to the configuration.

Known Limitations#

  1. Discord does not currently allow bots to reply to messages when spoofing someone.

  2. The Telegram API does not report deleted messages.

    1. This means any spam deleted on Telegram will remain visible on Discord.
    2. Workaround: Restrict new Telegram users from speaking until they verify their identity. OrgRobot is a useful tool for this, with a set of custom entry questions. This should stop most bots. (However, some spammers are real people and cannot be prevented.)

Despite these limitations, the bridge works quite well.

  • If set, names/profile-photos will be spoofed if they are similar on both platforms. (Names can also be manually mapped). However, profile photos need to be re-cached when a new bridge is added.
  • Responses will reply to the message on Telegram platforms, triggering notifications. On Discord, the message will be quoted.