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Lets create grassroots finance!

Ergo operates an open model where contributions from all are welcomed. The Ergo Foundation has a small treasury it uses to promote ecosystem growth, for more information please see the following articles.


Developer Bounties

In general, anything educative for the community is subject to some bounty even if not specifically listed.

There paid bounties scattered across the Ergo repositories which are summarised here. Notably, there are active bounties for Tutorials and Guides for developers at any skill level.

Join the Ergo Discord (and enable the development channels) for any support, queries or comments.

You can submit any payment requests for bounties completed here.


There are several grant programmes available for larger-scale projects. Submit a grant request directly to the Good Whale Fund, DarkFund0 - or email us directly at the ergo foundation.


We recommend that your initial step should be to start a Raffle. This provides a clear funding goal, shows community support - and can be topped up by grant/foundation funding.


Are they any paid roles for community management/moderation?

While there are several paid community managers within the ergo ecosystem, they are usually promoted from within. If this is somewhere you excel, get involved with the ecosystem, keep ontop of new products launching and make yourself useful in a budding project.

Are you looking for developers?

While the Ergo Foundation does occassionally advertise full-time roles these are usually senior roles. The quickest way to get involved is to start completing some (paid) bounties. There is plenty of development work available.

Are you looking for regional managers?

If you're interested in starting a regional branch - this can involve running regional chats, hosting meet-ups, etc. This will be incentivised via an ambassador programme, however the details is still being worked out.

Check our chats to ensure a branch doesn't already exist for your region.

Where can I submit a proposal? is your best bet, alternatively you can apply for the grants above by emailing [email protected] or join the idea incubator channels and speak to ErgoPad.