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Solution Verification#

Solution verification is the process of validating that a miner has solved the mathematical puzzle required to add a block to the blockchain network. In cryptocurrency mining, miners compete to solve a cryptographic puzzle. The first miner to solve the puzzle is rewarded with new coins and fees from the transactions included in the block. Other nodes on the network must then verify the solution to ensure its validity. Solution verification is an important aspect of cryptocurrency mining, as it ensures the integrity of the blockchain network and prevents fraudulent transactions.

Test vectors are necessary for solution verification in cryptocurrency mining because they provide a standardized set of inputs and outputs to test the verification process's accuracy and correctness.

When miners solve a mining puzzle, they produce a solution that is essentially a hash value that meets a specific set of criteria. The network must verify this solution before it can be accepted as valid and included in the blockchain.

Test vectors provide a consistent and reliable way to test the verification process and ensure it works correctly. Any errors or inconsistencies can be identified and corrected by comparing the expected output from the test vector with the actual output produced by the verification process. This helps to ensure the mining process's integrity and the blockchain's security.

Test Vectors - Ergo:
credit: Wolf9466#9466 on Discord

Height = 569806 (0x8B1CE)
Item count = 67108864 (0x4000000)
Prehash Item KAT:

Item index 0          : 0x00596fe417902d8fe61763deb06286d3bf787f3c8ea2cc3063724dd307993caa
Item index 4          : 0x00832cba40f67d525e9c449f17f46e3bfcdb663427d4289e35bc8e04b0c97765
Item index 255        : 0x003f44309d54120e5d41b36a245fea4098948f7e8c5c052247922b74a6c8e7b9
Item index 67108863    : 0x000701c3dd5db987aab0bb57f6e89ea9dbdc1dd88ffcac698bfde407d95063ce

Message = 0x9b8cb36a9b738fa3678521d00c938631e1a192bc1919f004d2cbabdaa33835b4
Nonce = 0x5d340003e9c460dc

Blake #1: 0xbd54dc777dc062c63b2f8cdd4d56f4f57b64d648420f62ef0e6f3935b0046fc99e7ea07b167ccadeaf2cd396504477697f5123e72887f61333358b5edbd5aa66

Blake #2: 0x6dbc710c2fb6e975d93af456686617b97595a0cec9dd22d57b8a7176d3f470b175eccfc1f97cecc13207fb68358c608930e5d7cfcdd0b3a4da8b9acb508e3248

Result = 0x0c3b54f29c8ac1a407f83cd09f3d61bc32996a3d58a7d9fe9fe0e0a08572e367f96b164cc3254ce5379622e007de97c76b1232030d899e0da83bc82e00000000