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Solo Node Configuration#

To be able to spend any ERG mined this way, you will need to include the EIP27 rules in your ergo.conf file which you run with the .jar as such


java -Xmx4g -jar ergo-5.0.4.jar --mainnet -c ergo.conf


    ergo {
      node {
        mining = true
    chain {
      reemission {
        checkReemissionRules = true
    wallet {
      checkEIP27 = true

    scorex {
     restApi {
        ## Hex-encoded Blake2b256 hash of an API key. 
        ## Should be 64-chars long Base16 string.
        ## below is the hash of the string 'hello'
        ## replace with your actual hash generated from within swagger. 
        apiKeyHash = "324dcf027dd4a30a932c441f365a25e86b173defa4b8e58948253471b81b72cf"

You'll then either want to use the Ergo Stratum mining server or Mining Core.