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ErgoScript Contracts#

Ergo Contracts#

ergo-contracts contains Source code of the Ergo smart contracts with compilation, testing, and formal verification tooling

ErgoScript Examples#

Number Difficulty Title
1 Beginner Pin Lock Contract
2 Intermediate Single-Chain Swap Contracts
3 Starter Simple Send
4 Intermediate Double-Chain Swap Contracts
5 Beginner Timed Fund Contract
6 Beginner Grantor/Beneficiary Pin Lock Contract
7 Beginner Escrow Deposit Contract
8 Expert Token sales service contract
9 Beginner Self-Replicating Sale Contract
10 Intermediate Heads or Tails game Contract
11 Expert Stealth Address
12 Expert Heads or Tails game Contract with Parallelization

sigmastate-interpreter examples#

dApps and Tooling Contracts#

Deployed Contracts#


In Development#




  • contract-testing provides a quick tutorial may be useful for testing your contracts off-chain