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Chain Configuration Settings#

This section pertains to chain-specific settings, which should typically be left untouched unless you are planning to launch a new blockchain.


protocolVersion = 3
The protocolVersion parameter represents the version of the blockchain protocol that the client supports. Please refrain from manually adjusting this value; it should be managed by client developers.


addressPrefix = 16
This parameter denotes the network address prefix. Currently, the reserved values are 0 for Ergo mainnet and 16 for Ergo testnet.

Monetary Configuration#


fixedRatePeriod = 525600
This parameter specifies the number of blocks during which the reward amount does not change. In this case, it is set to remain constant for approximately two years.


fixedRate = 75000000000
This sets the number of coins (75 Ergo) to be issued every block during the fixedRatePeriod.


foundersInitialReward = 7500000000
This parameter denotes the fraction of coins issued, that goes to the foundation during fixedRatePeriod (7.5 Ergo).


 epochLength = 64800
This represents the number of blocks between each reward reduction, set to occur every 90 days.


oneEpochReduction = 3000000000
This indicates the amount by which the reward decreases after each epoch (3 Ergo).


minerRewardDelay = 720
This represents the delay (about 1 day) between the block being mined and the miner being able to spend the reward.

Reemission Configuration#

The parameters below are related to reemission settings of the protocol:

checkReemissionRules = false
emissionNftId = ""
reemissionTokenId = ""
reemissionNftId = ""
activationHeight = 777217
reemissionStartHeight = 2080800
injectionBoxBytesEncoded = ""
The exact roles and potential values of these parameters are not clarified in this document and would need further specification.


noPremineProof = [
      "'Chaos reigns': what the papers say about the no-deal Brexit vote",
      "ТАСС сообщил об обнаружении нескольких майнинговых ферм на столичных рынках",
The noPremineProof parameter includes the latest news from media outlets (the Guardian, Xinhua, Vedomosti) and existing cryptocurrency block IDs (Bitcoin, Ethereum) as evidence of no premine.


 foundersPubkeys = [

The foundersPubkeys parameter represents the public keys of the founders, expressed as group elements.