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Solo Mining#

Solo mining is a method where you mine Ergo independently, without joining a mining pool. This approach can be more rewarding if you have significant mining power, but it also comes with higher variance in rewards.

Before you decide to solo mine, you might want to use this calculator to evaluate if solo mining is the right choice for you.

If you decide to proceed with solo mining, you have two options:

  1. Use a Mining Pool's Solo Port: Some mining pools offer a solo port for miners who prefer to work independently. You can find a list of such pools on Mining Pool Stats.

  2. Host Your Own Pool: If you prefer to have complete control over your mining process, you can set up and host your own mining pool. Our pool setup guide provides detailed instructions on how to do this.

Remember, solo mining requires a good understanding of the mining process and a significant amount of resources. Make sure to thoroughly evaluate your options before you start.

Remember EIP-27!

To be able to spend any ERG mined via the reference client, you will need to include the EIP27 rules in your ergo.conf. See this page for more information.