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Note that wallets are supported by third parties, we only provide the information below as a courtesy.

Wallet Type dApp-C Node Cold Wallet E-Pay Mixer
Nautilus Web 🔜
Ergo Wallet Mobile 🔗
SAFEW Web 🔗 🔗
Node Wallet Desktop
Satergo Desktop 🔜 🔜
Minotaur Web 🔗 🔜
Paper Wallet Cold
Viawallet Mobile
URL Wallet URL
Zelcore 3rd party


Nautilus (Web)#

Nautilus is a privacy-focused web-based wallet

Ledger support is currently available in developer mode for ledger

Ergo Wallet (Android) / Terminus (iOS)#

Please see the official wallet page.

Minotaur (Multi-Platform)#

Minotaur is a multi-platform dApp wallet with dApp stack support, allowing any dApp to be embedded directly in the app.

SAFEW (Web)#

Simple And Fast Ergo Wallet is the most feature-rich wallet, best suited for developers. It has several features such as

  • Ergopay-support
  • Ledger Support
  • Export CSV
  • Configure Explorer, Node, and UI address used.
  • ErgoMixer access
  • Transaction builder in Expert mode (mint/burn/etc)
  • Chained transactions

More information is available on their GitHub

Satergo (Desktop)#

Desktop wallet for the cryptocurrency Ergo with embedded node functionality. Available at

More information is available on their GitHub

Node (Server)#

The full node comes with a wallet panel interface. This is generally only recommended for developers.