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Box Structure#

Both the INPUTS and OUTPUTS arrays are a collection of Box type, which has the following important fields:

  1. The amount (in nanoErgs) contained in the box: value
  2. The serialized script as an array of bytes: propositionBytes
  3. An array of tokens (optional assets): tokens
  4. The registers of a box R4..R9 used to store arbitrary data

Each element of tokens is a pair of type (tokenId, amount), where tokenId is an array of 32 bytes and the amount is Long. An example of using tokens is the script:

   val out = OUTPUTS(0)
   val token = out.tokens(0)
   token._1 == fromBase64("nZdrGUBMAfIO6lmSRJq2zEUKGCOeYOYzAeIqbfYs8sg=")  &&
   token._2 == 1