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  • Addresses in Ergo are short strings that correspond to specific scripts and serve as a means to protect a box.
  • Unlike Bitcoin (BTC), where addresses store a single amount, in Ergo's eUTxO model, a box contains registers that can store various values, including its native tokens.
  • So, each box has an ERG amount and may or may not have a bunch of {tokenid, token amount} pairs, all in the UTXO model.
  • Unlike account-based models like eth, ergo tokens are native and are not smart contracts.

Address Types#

Learn about the different types of addresses used in Ergo and their corresponding address types by visiting the Address Types page.

Address Validation#

Learn how to validate Ergo addresses by visiting the Address Validation page, which provides essential insights and methods for verifying P2S, P2SH, and P2PK addresses.


  • Ergo Vision | A wallet visualization tool to be used for investigating transactions and addresses