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Non-Fungible Tokens#

Blockchains offer more than just cryptocurrencies. They can also host audio or visual artworks through immutable smart contracts. These artworks are represented as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Moreover, these NFTs can be traded in decentralized auction houses, providing artists with a global platform free from governmental restrictions or the need for centralized licensing firms. This leads to the democratization of art markets through public blockchain.

There are existing examples like Rarible and Opensea, which are auction markets operating on the Ethereum Network. While these platforms allow any artist to create and sell their artwork, the gas prices for minting an NFT can reach up to $100. Ergo's scalable and efficient design significantly reduces these gas costs without compromising on security or speed.



ErgoAuctions is a platform where you can bid on and sell a variety of collectible tokens, art, and more.


SkyHarbor is a trusted marketplace that specializes in set price transactions.

For instructions on how to mint your own NFTs, refer to the developer section.