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Blockchains aren’t only about cryptocurrencies. Audio or visual artworks can also be deployed on immutable smart contracts of blockchains. These artworks are represented by Non-Fungible Tokens. Furthermore, artworks can be traded in decentralized auction houses. This would help artists to reach the world without any restriction of governments or without any need for centralized licensing firms. It means the democratization of art markets with the help of public blockchain.

Some examples like Rarible or Opensea are auction markets running on Ethereum Network. Any artist can create and sell their artwork in there; however, gas prices to mint an NFT can take up to $100. Ergo’s scalable and faster design would reduce the gas costs to almost zero without giving up security or speed. Ergo NFT Auctionhouse is open for months, and it allows listings for a picture, audio, or any other kind of non-fungible tokens.


The Ergo Auction House lets you buy and sell collectable tokens, art and much more.