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Status: Open Beta!

The Paideia beta is now live!


Paideia is a project from the ergopad team whose purpose is to create a functional, secure, and well-documented DAO software suite that supports DAOs as they form and develop. It will make it easy for anyone to initiate a DAO, distribute tokens using various methods, create proposals, and collect votes. It will help various organizations share funds in a secure and fair way.

Using Paideia#

This section will cover how to use the Paideia beta. Alternatively, you can watch Paideia, Joining Your DAO | One Take Series.


  1. You'll need an Ergo wallet such as Nautilus to interact with Paideia.
  2. During the beta phase, creating a DAO is free. Simply reach out to the Paideia team and provide one of your tokens.
  3. To create proposals, you'll need to hold at least 1000 bPaideia tokens in your wallet, obtainable from the Ergo faucet.

Getting Started#

  1. Connect and authenticate your wallet on the Paideia platform.
  2. If you're creating a new DAO, contact the Paideia team and provide the necessary token. In the future, there will be a fee in PAI tokens to set up a new DAO.
  3. After staking your DAO token, you can participate in actions like voting or proposing changes.

Creating Proposals#

  1. Ensure you have at least 1000 bPaideia tokens in your wallet.
  2. Navigate to your DAO's page on the Paideia platform and click "Create Proposal".
  3. Enter the necessary details for your proposal and submit the transaction from your wallet.
  4. If you encounter an error message stating "e.sent is undefined", try the following:
  5. Open the developer console by pressing F12 and check for any detailed error messages. Share these with the Paideia team.
  6. Clear browser cache and try again.
  7. Reach out to the Paideia team for further assistance.

Voting on Proposals#

DAO members can vote on active proposals. No bPaideia holdings are required for voting. Be aware that there may be a delay before votes are reflected in the UI, and a page refresh may be necessary.

Staking and Unstaking#

You can stake your Paideia tokens! During the beta phase, staking is done through ErgoPad. In case of any issues with these functions, try the following:

  1. Ensure your wallet is properly synced and connected.
  2. Consolidate UTXOs in your wallet using the "Wallet Optimization Tool".
  3. Clear browser cache and reconnect your wallet.
  4. Reach out to the Paideia team for further assistance.

Moderation and Spam Prevention#

Paideia is developing tools for DAOs to self-moderate their proposals and discussions:

  • Creating a proposal will cost a small amount of Paideia tokens to discourage spam.
  • DAO members may be assigned different roles based on their token holdings, granting them varying levels of moderation privileges.
  • A community thumb up/down system is being considered to hide irrelevant posts.
  • Minimum token holding requirements may be implemented for posting comments in the future.

Development Updates#

The Paideia team continues to work hard on improving the platform. Recent updates include:

  • Refactoring smart contracts for better code reuse
  • Adjusting the staking reward system to allow DAOs to change emission rates
  • Implementing generic refund and configuration logic in contracts
  • Planning a move to EIP-5 standard for contracts

Stay tuned for more updates as development progresses toward a full launch in Q2 2024.

Support and Issue Reporting#

Please submit any issues directly to the Paideia Discord by opening a support ticket. The link to open a ticket can be found here

If you encounter an error message or unexpected behavior, please capture the console logs (accessible by pressing F12 in most browsers) and share them with the Paideia team to aid in debugging.

Please note that Paideia is currently in beta, and some features may evolve or change. Refer to the official Paideia documentation for the most up-to-date information.