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Palmyra ComDEX is zenGate’s flagship product, a paradigm-shifting ecosystem which enables the tokenization and listing of certified commodities for spot and futures trading between businesses around the world.

Palmyra connects the full ecosystem of stakeholders across the value chain, providing a cheaper, more transparent and accessible enterprise-grade solution to users. We are currently piloting the product in two jurisdictions in the Asian market.

PalmyraComDex Litepaper Overview - Palmyra con Dex is a physically settled tokenized commodity marketplace powered by blockchain - The market is targeted towards emerging but underserved markets with a collective size exceeding 1 trillion US Dollars by export value - Palmyra aims to add value to existing commodity markets by building infrastructure to provide access and connectivity between stakeholders across Global Supply chains - The Palmyra team has identified a 423 billion US dollar Focus Market representing the market that the team will look to onboard first which cover agricultural Commodities and precious metals or gemstones - Palmyra offers additional innovative functionalities to ensure supply chain traceability supporting verified credentials and certifications and finals tooling or benefits to allow improved - business planning and growth - The core and nearer term revenue streams for Palmyra are a small commission from each transaction occurring on Palmyra from both buy and sell side, and membership fees for buyers and sellers using Palmyra - The key focus after the product and business model is validated would be to expand the user base - The Palmyra team is open to communication with the community through personal emails and their official website and Discord channel