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Project Tesseract: An Inside Look at's Upcoming Release#


Project Tesseract is an ambitious new game under development by, a gaming platform known for its integration of blockchain technology and NFTs. After the planned release of Digigoats, the team at will be channeling their focus entirely into Project Tesseract. The game is poised to introduce groundbreaking features and a captivating gameplay experience that revolves around collecting, breeding, and battling monsters. Each monster in the game will exist as a non-fungible token (NFT), enabling players to sell and trade them freely.

Key Features#

Monster Collection and NFTs#

One of the most exciting aspects of Project Tesseract is the use of NFTs for each monster. This means that every monster is unique and can be owned, sold, or traded on the blockchain. Players will have the opportunity to collect various kinds of monsters, each with its own set of attributes and abilities.

Open Source Development# will open-source Project Tesseract's game code on Github, making it possible for the community to follow the development progress closely. This move signifies the team’s commitment to transparency and community involvement.

Interoperability with Ephemeral Bridge#

Project Tesseract will utilize's Ephemeral Bridge technology. This tool bridges data between a player's Nautilus wallet and their local device, pulling NFT data directly without requiring the game to be hosted on a website. Essentially, the Ephemeral Bridge will enable seamless interaction between the blockchain and the gaming environment.

Discord Integration#

The game will also feature Discord integration, allowing real-time communication between players and facilitating the announcement of in-game events and player achievements. The Discord integration is still in the Beta stage but has shown promising results in early testing.

Availability and Access#

While specific release dates and more in-depth features are yet to be announced, the game is expected to follow after the release of Digigoats. It is highly anticipated within the community, given the success and innovation demonstrated in previous projects by

For more information and updates, you can follow on their official website and social media channels.