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Ergo Platform and C#

While C# resources for integrating with Ergo may be limited, there are several valuable resources that developers can utilize.

Tutorial Series#

A comprehensive tutorial series, Ergo with C# 101, is available on YouTube. This series offers a detailed guide on how to interact with the Ergo Blockchain using C#.


FleetSharp is an ongoing open-source project. It is a sigmatype serializer/deserializer based on Fleet. This tool simplifies the process of converting data between compatible formats for communication and storage.

As an open-source project, FleetSharp thrives on community contributions. Developers with C# experience or those interested in learning more about Ergo integration are encouraged to contribute.

If you encounter any issues or require more detailed instructions, don't hesitate to reach out to the Ergo community. Join our #development Discord channel to receive support from seasoned Ergo developers and community members.