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The Ergo Foundation's Future#

What's been done so far?
  • For an overview of what has been achieved since launch, please see this page
  • For a comprehensive overview of the scope of the Ergo Foundation see this page

Initial Role of the Ergo Foundation#

The Ergo Foundation's role was to bootstrap the Ergo ecosystem in the initial years and build up the infrastructure required for adoption, solving the 'hard side' of Ergo. This has led to the vibrant ecosystem we see today with:

  • 300+ community developers
  • 100+ active contributors in the weekly developer chat on Discord
  • Hosting multiple events per year
  • 140+ projects developing on Ergo (see for an overview)
  • Consistently ranked in the top 100 for development activity on

The Future#

As time goes on, the importance of the Ergo Foundation should diminish, and responsibility should shift towards the community. This is essential for both the strength and decentralization of the ecosystem.

The Ergo Foundation may continue to exist indefinitely as a legal entity, primarily serving to mitigate counterparty risk in interactions with centralized entities. In the interim, it will continue to foster the development of applications and protocols that align with its foundational objectives:

  • Promoting blockchain technology for societal benefit
  • Advocating for truly decentralized infrastructure
  • Upholding privacy as a fundamental human right

The optimal strategy involves diligent work and the development of robust infrastructure to accommodate potential liquidity shifts from existing systems. Emphasis should be placed on user security, privacy, and long-term resilience. While the timing and nature of these shifts cannot be precisely predicted or controlled, strategic positioning can prepare us for various outcomes.

The generous contributions from ecosystem projects to the Foundation's treasury ensure its sustainability, enabling it to fulfil this mission until it becomes redundant.

The Sigmanauts#

The Sigmanauts Programme was launched to fill this need and build the required structures to pass the baton to the community.

A non-comprehensive timeline of some of their achievements so far include