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Light SPV Mode Technical Workflow#

The technical workflow for the light-SPV mode in Ergo is as follows:


  1. Send GetPoPoWProof for all connections.
  2. On receiving PoPoWProof, apply it to History (History should determine whether this PoPoWProof is better than its current best header chain).
  3. GOTO regular regime.


  1. Send ErgoSyncInfo message to connected peers
  2. Get a response with an INV message containing the ids of blocks, better than our best block.
  3. Request headers for all ids from 2.
  4. On receiving Header:
    if(History.apply(header).isSuccess) {
        State.apply(header) // just change state roothash
    if(!isInitialBootstrapping) Broadcast INV for this header
    } else {
        blacklist peer