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Ergo Node Protocol#

The Node Protocol section provides a comprehensive overview of the core operational aspects of the Ergo network. It covers the following key areas:

  • Processing Algorithm: This section explains the algorithm used for processing Ergo modifiers. It is applicable across all security modes within the Ergo network, ensuring consistent data processing.

  • Validation Rules: This part outlines the consensus-critical validation rules. These rules are mandatory for every node in the Ergo network to maintain network integrity and security. They ensure that all transactions and blocks adhere to the established network standards.

  • P2P Protocol: The P2P Protocol section delves into the peer-to-peer protocol used in the Ergo network. It provides insights into how nodes communicate and share information, facilitating efficient data exchange within the network.

  • Peer Management: The peer management section discusses the strategies nodes in the Ergo network employ to manage their peers. It includes information about peer discovery, connection, and disconnection, providing a clear understanding of how nodes maintain network connectivity.

By understanding these aspects, you can gain a deeper insight into how the Ergo network operates, ensuring its security and efficiency.