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Rosen Team#

The Rosen team is comprised of 8 full-time developers and 2-3 part-time developers. Some frontend and UI tasks are outsourced. The team's strength is further enhanced by the support of several advisors.

Rosen Bridge operates entirely on self-funding, with no involvement of private sales, venture capital, or SAFT agreements. All contracts are financed out of pocket as there is no emission yet. The core team is made up of 6 main developers.

Initial liquidity for Ergo, accounting for 5%, was deposited on the Spectrum LP. This process was carried out without the involvement of bots or front-running. (Refer to the Tokenomics section for more details)

A collaboration was established with Zengate for Catalyst, as it involves Cardano politics, an area that falls within their realm of expertise.

The team has successfully completed and received funds from milestone 3 and has submitted milestone 4 for F10 funding.


The Rosen Bridge team was initially assembled during ERGOHACK I. Under the mentorship of @mhs_sam, team members @RaaCT0R, @vorujack, and @zargarzadeh developed ErgoRaffle. This marked the beginning of their significant contributions to the ecosystem, which include projects like minotaur-wallet and ergo-faucet. The concept of a bridge has been a consistent focus for the team since 2021, initially with ErgoGravity, an Ergo connector to the Wormhole bridge. However, after the Wormhole bridge was compromised, resulting in a loss of $325m, the team shifted their focus towards developing a bridge centered around Ergo.


  • Mohammad Hasan Samadani (mhs_sam), an honourary Ergo Foundation board member and a founder of Rosen Bridge, has a PhD in computer science and over 12 years of experience in security and software development. He has made significant contributions to the Ergo mining infrastructure, Stratum server, and ergopool. His expertise in product ownership, research, and team leadership has been instrumental in the development of Rosen Bridge.
  • Joseph Armeanio, a board member and director of the Ergo Foundation and a founder of Rosen Bridge, has been involved in the crypto industry since 2013. He was a partner CIO at Big Bear Investments and has been on the board of the Universal Education Foundation, a 501(c)3 organisation, since 2008. Joseph's passion for counter-economic frameworks and tools for social good drives his work in creating partnerships in the crypto industry, educational partnerships, and research opportunities, all while promoting the adoption of Ergo tooling in the public and non-profit sectors.


  • Mohammad Kermani is a software engineer with over 7 years of experience, including five years in the industry. He enjoys the challenge of building user-centric applications and is always eager to learn new technologies.
  • Fateme Rahmani is a dedicated developer on the Rosen Bridge team who's previously worked on the Ergo Raffle backend.
  • Moein Zargarzadeh previous contributions include ergo-faucet and Ergo Raffle
  • SepehrGanji has previously contributed to FleetSDK, GraphQL
  • RaaCT0R
  • Esmaeil Mohammed (vorujack) has previously contributed to minotaur-wallet

Is Rosen Bridge Affiliated with Ergo or The Ergo Foundation?#

Rosen Bridge, although initiated by members of the Ergo Foundation, operates independently. The Ergo Foundation does not exercise any managerial or controlling influence over Rosen Bridge. However, the Foundation has provided support to Rosen Bridge in the form of grants, a common practice for projects within the ecosystem. The Foundation is also set to receive 3% of the total supply of RSN. For more details, refer to the Tokenomics section.