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Wallet Configuration#

Secret Storage#

Secret Directory#

secretDir = ${}"/wallet/keystore"
This configures the directory where the wallet's secret information, such as private keys, will be stored. The directory is set to a "keystore" folder inside the "wallet" folder at the location specified by ${}.


The encryption section contains configurations related to how the wallet's secret information is encrypted.

Pseudo-random function#

prf = "HmacSHA256"
The prf configures the pseudo-random function used in the encryption. In this case, it is set to "HmacSHA256".

Number of PBKDF2 Iterations#

c = 128000
The c configures the number of iterations used in the PBKDF2 (Password-Based Key Derivation Function 2) encryption algorithm.

Desired Bit-length of the Derived Key#

dkLen = 256
The dkLen sets the desired length of the derived encryption key, in bits.

Seed Strength Bits#

seedStrengthBits = 160
This configures the length of the seed used in generating the wallet's private keys, in bits. Options include 128, 160, 192, 224, and 256.

Mnemonic Phrase Language#

mnemonicPhraseLanguage = "english"
This sets the language to be used for the wallet's mnemonic seed phrase. Options include "chinese_simplified", "chinese_traditional", "english", "french", "italian", "japanese", "korean", and "spanish".

Keep Spent Boxes#

keepSpentBoxes = false
This option determines whether to keep spent transaction outputs or to delete them immediately.

Default Transaction Fee#

defaultTransactionFee = 1000000
This sets the default transaction fee the wallet uses when a fee is not specified.

Use Pre-EIP3 Derivation#

usePreEip3Derivation = false
This setting determines whether to use the pre-EIP3 key derivation scheme or not.

Dust Limit#

dustLimit = null
The dustLimit sets the minimum amount of tokens that can be included in a transaction output. If it's set to null (default), there is no minimum limit.

For example, with dustLimit = 1000000, the node wallet will ignore boxes to self that contain less than .001 ERG.

Maximum and Optimal Inputs#

maxInputs = 100
optimalInputs = 3
The maxInputs setting determines the maximum number of inputs a transaction can have. The optimalInputs setting specifies the preferred number of inputs for a transaction.

Test Mnemonic and Keys Quantity#

# testMnemonic = "ozone drill grab fiber curtain grace pudding thank cruise elder eight picnic"
# testKeysQty = 5
These settings are used for testing purposes. If a testMnemonic is set, the wallet will operate in test mode, using this mnemonic seed. The testKeysQty determines the number of keys to generate for the test.

Tokens Whitelist#

tokensWhitelist = null
If set, the wallet will automatically burn non-whitelisted tokens from inputs when making transactions. If it's null, no tokens will be automatically burnt.

Check EIP27#

checkEIP27 = false
This setting determines whether to handle re-emission tokens in the wallet correctly. For example, it affects how transfers are done in the presence of re-emission tokens.


profile = "user"
The wallet profile helps the wallet understand the expected load and allocate memory for caches and Bloom filters accordingly. Options are: "user" (for ordinary usage), "exchange" (for high load situations, consuming ~20MB of RAM for Bloom filters), and "appServer" (in between).