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General materials not specific to ErgoScript or a particular section of development are categorised below.

Overview Articles#


Need help figuring out where to start developing? This introduction to Mosaik provides a brief overview of some of the design decisions you'll need to make when creating your application.



ErgoScript Interpreter/Compilers#



Simple Examples#


  • Miner rewards script | Simple command-line tool to find miner rewards not spent and form withdrawing transaction requests for them
  • Ergo P2S Playground | A web-based tool to quickly get the address corresponding to some script
  • ergo-monitoring | Debug service printing out useful for developers and managers information about ergo blockchain state.
  • Transaction builder | The application allows you to manipulate Ergo JSON transactions with a UI and to sign them with Yoroi or to prepare the JSON for the Swagger API. It can also load the JSON of an unsigned transaction to edit it. | GitHub | Video
  • ergo-puppet

Test vectors#


Make sure to check out the dev-tools tab on