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Gaming on Ergo#


Be sure to check out, a platform dedicated to showcasing games developed for the Ergo Blockchain.

Metaverse Projects


Cyberverse is an open-world, pixel-based game filled with various opportunities to socialize with others and earn while doing so. Their vision is to have an open world pixel game, fit with blockchain integration to allow for unique player experiences using Ergo Blockchain.

SigmaValley (Inactive)

SigmaValley is the first metaverse on the Ergo blockchain; it aims to be a caricaturesque and up-to-date visualization of the Ergo ecosystem. It was inspired by the Silicon Valley TV series Intro.

NFT-Based Games


BlitzTCG aims to revolutionize traditional TCG (Trading Card Game) gameplay.


DigiGoats is game developed by the Screaming ERGoat Wine Club. Feed, Train and Battle your Ergoat to reach the top of the leaderboards. Screaming ERGoats are one of a kind NFTs exclusive to the Ergo Blockchain.

Project Tesseract

Project Tesseract is an ambitious new game under development by

Monster Pub Brawl (Paused)

Monster Pub Brawl, Alcohol is an exceptionally rare resource capable of enhancing the monsters who use them with untold power. The raw materials to produce it are found in extremely hostile territories, and only the most skilled of alchemists are able to distill these materials into a potable concoction.

Monetary-based Games

Grand Gambit

Grand Gambit, is the pioneering casino on Ergo. It offers a variety of games that can be played using ERG and several other tokens. The platform is compatible with both desktop and mobile devices, although currently only Android is supported.

BlobsTopia (Inactive)

Blob's Topia is now live. The first ever Blobs fighter game powered by Ergo. While the game is not currently being updated or improved, it is still operational and available for enjoyment.

NightOwl (Inactive)

Night Owl, the first decentralized casino built on the Ergo blockchain. Night Owl aims to bring the long overdue qualities of transparency, voice, and true privacy to casino gaming to provide the ideal platform on which users can build and play their favorite games. Night Owl makes use of USD-backed tokens to provide a stable platform on which to play and stake, so as to negate volatility in bets and returns.

Developer Resources#

  • ergflip, a simple and not decentralized Ergo Coinflip.
  • ObolFlip client can be used for taking bets on a flip or for managing flips and earning revenue, depending on what's legal in your location. You can even deploy it on a server and let other users do bets, earning extra revenue for withdrawals.
  • Hypo10use an example project built as part of Ergo Hack 2 and Ergo Hack 3