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A multisig wallet is a “digital wallet that operates with multisignature addresses. This means that it requires more than one private key to sign and authorize a crypto transaction or, in some cases, that several different keys can be used to generate a signature.” This type of wallet is valuable to an ecosystem because it adds a second layer of protection to the end user. A multisig wallet requires everyone with a private key to confirm the transaction for it to be authorized and executed. This provides an added layer of security for protection against hacks because an attacker would need all of the private keys to gain access to the wallet's funds.

Although the general cryptocurrency market continues to demonstrate bearish patterns, the ethos of Ergo stands strong with numerous developers and projects working to help build the new standard of blockchain security and utility. Intricate technological solutions and applications are consistently being brought forth in the Ergo ecosystem.

Please read this page for full details about the Minotaur multisig wallet and how to install and use this exciting new product.