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Unified Transactions in Ergo#

Transactions in Ergo are pivotal in enabling a variety of operations within the network. This section delves into the concept of unified transactions, focusing on key elements such as the fee structure and the prohibition of out-of-thin-air emission in the "coinbase" transaction.

Fee Structure: The Concept of Boxes#

In Ergo, transaction fees are uniquely represented as boxes. These boxes are the fundamental units that hold and transfer value within the blockchain. They can encapsulate various types of assets, including but not limited to cryptocurrencies, tokens, and other forms of digital value.

To maintain the network's efficiency and to motivate miners to include transactions in blocks, users are required to attach a suitable fee to their transactions. This fee is manifested as an output box, which is generated in conjunction with the other outputs of the transaction.

The act of attaching a fee box to a transaction signifies the user's willingness to compensate miners for processing their transaction. This fee acts as an incentive for miners, motivating them to validate and incorporate the transaction into the blockchain.

No Out-of-Thin-Air Emission in the "Coinbase" Transaction#

The "coinbase" transaction, also referred to as the generation transaction, is the first transaction in each block. It rewards the miner for their efforts in mining and appending the block to the blockchain. Ergo stands out from some other blockchain protocols by disallowing out-of-thin-air emission in the "coinbase" transaction.

Out-of-thin-air emission is the process of creating new coins or tokens during the coinbase transaction, without any preceding inputs or transactions. In Ergo, every coin or token in circulation must have originated from a legitimate source and must be traceable in the transaction history.

By prohibiting out-of-thin-air emission, Ergo maintains the integrity and scarcity of its native cryptocurrency, Erg. This strategic decision bolsters the security and economic stability of the blockchain, making it resistant to inflationary practices.

Ergo's unified transaction model allows users to attach fees as boxes, providing incentives for miners and contributing to the network's sustainability. Moreover, the prohibition of out-of-thin-air emission in the "coinbase" transaction further enhances the security and integrity of the blockchain's native cryptocurrency.