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Crowdfunding in different contexts is needed for building common infrastructure and applications in the Ergo ecosystem.

This is a critical long term tool that can slowly start shifting the funding and development toward the goal of a true community-driven network. Crowdfunding for common infrastructure and tooling on the Ergo network is a way for users, developers, and miners to work together to fund and advance the network far into the future.


We already have crowdfunding on the Ergo blockchain via; this allows projects to host 'Raffles' with a prize percentage allocated to the lucky donor. The code is available on GitHub.


ErgoFund will eventually provide a more sophisticated crowdfunding experience, with contracts for campaigns with thousands of pledges and enable 'Self-Soverign DeFi'

  • [WIP] ErgoFund structures and contracts proposes the contracts and standardized box formats for announcing crowdfunding campaigns and collecting funds
  • The design of the crowdfunding contracts and box templates is centred around blockchain scanning efficiency of an off-chain application
  • The ErgoFund backend will be built on top of the Scanner

Please see the #ergofund channel on Discord to contribute to this project.

  • A simple ErgoFund contract with an interactive scastie playground is available.
  • The pledge contract supports ANY recipient contract so it would be possible to crowdfund to a threshold sig address (controlled via Zero-Knowledge treasury), or emission script (so the project will receive the money slowly), etc


This forum post walks you through the proposal of the first campaign ever, which was to fund the EIP1 crowdfunding script development. There is also Ergo Crowdfunding CLI, a command-line tool enabling participation and interacting with crowdfunding campaigns on Ergo, and