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Layer 1 (On-chain)#

Layer 1 refers to the underlying architecture or protocol that forms the foundation of the blockchain. Layer 1 is responsible for the basic functionality of the blockchain, including consensus mechanisms, transaction processing, and security features.

Ergo supports multiple on-chain scalability solutions, such as Sharding. Ergo blocks have extension sections with mandatory and arbitrary key-value data; by putting certain anchors there, it is possible to do BitcoinNG-style micro blocks, Aspen-like service chains or generic sidechains with just velvet or soft forks.


Sharding as per ' On the Security and Performance of Blockchain Sharding'

Sub-block confirmation protocols#

Sub-block confirmation protocols, as seen in Bitcoin-NG and Flux are an active topic for research in 2023. Also see Flux: Revisiting Near Blocks for Proof-of-Work Blockchains