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There are several Standard Development Kits and Frameworks available on Ergo with the main ones being:

  • AppKit is the primary SDK, and the entry-point for JVM developers. (Java, Scala, Kotlin, Mobile)
  • SigmaRust is an alternative and simple implementation of ErgoTree interpreter and transaction building tools.
  • Fleet SDK lets you easily create Ergo transactions with a pure JS library.

Some others are

  • ergpy is a python-jvm wrapper for interacting with the Ergo blockchain.
  • Mosaik is a UI system for Ergo dApps
  • RustKit is also in development, which aims to bring the Rust experience in-line with the JVM one.
  • Headless dApp Framework is a Rust framework for developing Ergo Headless dApps. The Ergo HDF provides developers with the first portable UTXO-based headless dApp development framework on any blockchain.
  • JSON dApp Environment