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Schnorr Signature#

In the simplest case a signature in Ergo transaction is a Schnorr signature, in general case it is a signature corresponding to a subset of Generalized Schnorr Proofs.

  • Ergo uses the same elliptic curve as Bitcoin (SecP256K1).
  • Ergo's Schnorr signature is pretty close to known standards (RFCs).
  • Allows us to adopt known protocols such as MuSig.
  • It's possible to create adaptor signatures which can be used for private swaps.
  • There were private swap demos with Bitcoin Cash
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Potentially, a lot of protocols - The same as Bitcoin


Generic auth is used on the blockchain. So in general case if you want to sign an arbitrary message with a pubkey used onchain, the key is in generalized Schnorr statetement aka SigmaBoolean form