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How to Get Involved in Community Marketing?#

Ergo's vibrant community, comprising of diverse sub-ecosystems and a multitude of active Ergonauts, is the driving force behind its dynamism. Here's how you can participate:

  • Join the conversation: Engage in lively discussions on our @ErgoSocials on Telegram or the #marketing channel on Discord. It's a fantastic platform to collaborate, share ideas, and help shape the voice of our community.
  • Contribute to our Wiki: The community-curated Wiki at is a comprehensive resource hub available in over forty languages. Your contributions can help make Ergo more accessible to a global audience.
  • Collaborate on design projects: Use the Shared Figma Graphic Space to enhance your visual content or collaborate on design projects.
  • Utilize our graphic resources: Access a plethora of graphics via our Dropbox, or visit awesome-ergo for official Ergo logos.
  • Become a Sigmanaut: Enroll in the Sigmanaut Training Programme to actively contribute towards Ergo's growth and development.

Want to Be a Regional Manager?#

If you're enthusiastic about establishing a regional Ergo branch, managing local chats, organizing meet-ups, and nurturing a thriving community, we're eager to connect with you.

Before you start, please check our existing chats to ensure that a branch for your region isn't already in place.

While we do have several paid community managers within the Ergo ecosystem, these roles are typically filled through internal promotions. If you're skilled at fostering community spirit and engagement, immerse yourself in our ecosystem, stay updated with new product launches, and showcase your value within a nascent project. Your dedication could lead to a more significant role within the community.