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How Can I Participate in Community Marketing?#

Ergo thrives on the dynamism of its community, which encompasses numerous sub-ecosystems and tens of thousands of Ergonauts actively engaged across various social platforms.

  • Engage in active conversations on our @ErgoSocials on Telegram or the #marketing channel on Discord. This is a great opportunity to collaborate, contribute ideas, and shape our community's voice.
  • Contribute to the community-curated Wiki at It serves as a central hub for resources and information in over forty languages, fostering accessibility and growth for Ergo's global audience.
  • Make use of the Shared Figma Graphic Space to enhance your visual content or collaborate on design projects.
  • Access a wide range of graphics via our Dropbox, or visit awesome-ergo for official Ergo logos.
  • Enroll in the Sigmanaut Training Programme to actively contribute towards the growth and development of Ergo.

Interested in Becoming a Regional Manager?#

If you're passionate about starting a regional Ergo branch – running local chats, organizing meet-ups, and fostering a vibrant community – we'd love to hear from you.

Before initiating, please browse through our existing chats to ensure that a branch for your region isn't already established.

While we do have several paid community managers within the Ergo ecosystem, these roles are usually filled through internal promotions. If you have a knack for fostering community spirit and engagement, immerse yourself in our ecosystem, keep abreast of new product launches, and demonstrate your value within a nascent project. Your commitment could pave the way to a more prominent role within the community.