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ErgoNation: A Community-Driven Project for Decentralized Identity Verification#

ErgoNation is a project that is driven by the community and focuses on decentralized identity (Ī£ID) verification. Ī£IDs are a way for individuals to build a reputation by actively participating and contributing to the Ergo ecosystem. We encourage all users and projects within ErgoNation to uphold the anonymity of participants and strive towards the ideals of a decentralized crypto ecosystem.

Why ErgoNation?#

The concept of "one person, one vote" is easily achievable through centralized, non-anonymous mechanisms such as nation states distributing IDs. However, this becomes a challenge in an anonymous, decentralized environment. As a result, most crypto projects resort to using tokens for governance, which conceptually resemble stock shares and corporate governance; these follow the principle of "more investment, more voting power." ErgoNation aims to implement the concept of "one person, one vote" in an anonymous and decentralized manner within the Ergo community. Projects can then utilize the on-chain Ī£ID data to create an electoral list.

How Does ErgoNation Work?#

Participants begin by creating a new Ergo wallet and funding it using the ErgoMixer, which helps maintain the participantā€™s anonymity. Once a month, participants are given an opportunity to complete an identity verification event. These events are designed to ensure that the participating Ī£IDs are not bots or multi-accounts. In practice, participants are required to complete a short game to receive a verification code. This code is a small user-specific amount of ERG that is sent to a predefined address. The start time of the event, verification codes, and end are all announced on-chain, ensuring the history is verifiable and unchangeable.

ErgoNation Ideals#

ErgoNation is a community that encourages its members to uphold the ideals of crypto, decentralization, and anonymity. There is no token, no treasury, and no centralized team. This means that the project is entirely dependent on voluntary independent contributors, who can propose to add their work for the community. This also means that individuals are free to contribute work that inspires them, instead of being driven by the commercial pressures of growth and profits.