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We have live crowdfunding on the Ergo blockchain via; this allows projects to host 'Raffles' with a percentage of the total allocated to one lucky donor as a prize.

More information and the source code is available on GitHub.

About Ergo Raffle#

ErgoRaffle is a crowdfunding service built on Ergo Platform that enables anyone to raise money for a project. This project can range from a direct donation to a charity, an academic or business plan, or anything you can convince people to part with their hard-earned ERG for! As an added bonus, after finishing the Raffle, a lottery takes place, and one lucky participant wins a set percent of the Raffle as a 'raffle reward'.

Each Raffle has a deadline and a set fundraising goal; if the Raffle reaches this goal within its deadline, the Raffle is successful, and the project, winner, and service will be paid accordingly. Otherwise, the Raffle is unsuccessful, and all collected funds will be returned to the raffle participants. If the Raffle achieves its goal before the deadline, it will continue operating till the deadline and can be overfunded.

The Raffle is managed by smart contracts built on Ergo Platform. This means that no middlemen are involved, and no one can alter or disrupt the Raffle, including the raffle service operator. This website simply acts as an interface for the smart contract and was created to provide a better user experience by caching some information. The system is designed in a way that anyone can create new raffles or donate to existing raffles using the raw scripts, and the raffle service functionality is disjoint from the raffle service backend. Although the service backend and frontend are designed in such a way that anyone with any amount of knowledge can use the service.