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This page provides a general entry-point to all aspects of Ergo development.


To get started, make sure to familiarise yourself with the Ergo protocol the eUTXO model and it's differences from the account model.


  • You communicate with the blockchain via a locally run instance of the Ergo Node.
  • The node provides an API that is used by your SDK logic to carry out operations on the blockchain.
  • Ergo has a Bitcoin-like UTXO transactional model: transactions spend and create one-time objects. We call this object a 'box'.
  • The on-chain code is ErgoScript (a subset of scala), the off-chain code can be done in a programming langage of your choice.

Getting Started

Dive in if you have a language in mind you want to use, or some of the best introductionary pathways are outlined directly below.

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Introductionary Articles

Educational Courses

Make sure to check out the resources page and the dev-tools tab on